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10 Reasons Why Your Pretty Website Is Not Converting Visitors Into Buyers (And How We Can Help Fix That!)

If you’re looking at your computer screen with tears streaming down your face, it’s not because it’s the most exquisite website ever created–well, it is so beautiful and quite interactive. 

However, you’re still at your wit’s end, yelling: “I’ve followed your Ultimate 50+ Step Guide to Launch a Website, all that agonising over design and copy, but why is my website still not making my visitors throw money at my business!?”

Honestly, all that excitement in establishing your website was just the beginning of your entry into the world of online business and the actual selling through your website is one of the challenges you have to face constantly. 

If you’re looking for an answer as to why your website isn’t converting, there are a gazillion reasons why this could be, but you’ve come to the right place! 

We’re here to offer 10 possibilities on why your pretty website is experiencing low conversions as indicators of what to adjust moving forward:

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You’re Too Focused on Design

The most beautiful modern design in the world is not enough to do a thing to improve conversions by itself if you aren’t able to communicate your business’ Unique Value Proposition and provide an easy path for your customers to do business with you. 

To have a chance to convert your views into sales, you need to make sure those views come from potential customers who are interested in your offer.

Strategise in getting more targeted traffic and remember that 95% of visitors will engage more with a website that has a good user experience, and 80% of small B2B business websites’ common mistake is it lacks a clear Call-To-Action.

Your Website Visitors Are Bouncing Out of Your Site

It’s extremely disheartening to know you have high bounce rates on your KPI (Key Performance Indicator) pages. 

Since we have established that your website design is already aesthetically top-tier, here are other possible reasons why your potential customers exit your site even before they get a chance to scroll further down your pages:

Poor SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) And CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an $80 billion industry. If SEO brings them to the door, CRO invites them in for tea. 

When you invest in the process of optimising your site and/or landing pages, it will increase the number of leads you generate. Once there, they’ll sign up for a service, add something to their shopping cart, schedule an appointment, or fill out a form. By combining SEO efforts with Conversion Rate Optimisation, a website cannot get more aligned with your goals than that!

They Get Lost And/Or Feel Misled

It’s bad enough when you’re barking up the wrong trees by not streamlining your marketing plan by not specifically having a Target Market, but when those potential customers feel turned around in your website because they got redirected to the wrong landing pages, that’s one of the reasons why you experience high bounce rates.

Checking Out Is Complicated

Customers Hate Paying Shipping

We’ve all been there, trigger-happy, adding bits and pieces to our cart, only to empty everything just because of the shipping fee.

Over 61% of customers abandon shopping carts due to high shipping costs! Consider adding free shipping and make sure you advertise your free shipping policy on your site if you haven’t done so already.

You Aren’t Retargeting Your Visitors

Remarketing keeps your brand at the forefront of their minds.

One simple way to execute remarketing is through email marketing or paid ads because sometimes, customers are just not ready yet to make a purchase or commitment right after visiting your site once.

You’re Not Building Trust

Trust is not built-in whilst building your website! According to research by Bright Local, you need at least 40 reviews from customers and a rating of over 4 stars for other new customers to trust you.

Consider this when reviewing your website because 92% of customers are more likely to trust consumer reviews over anything!

You’re Overloading Them With Industry Jargon And Branding

Unless you’re an established and mainstream brand, visitors to your site have two goals in mind to research something or purchase something. The website should be more like stepping into an actual store, the products are easy to find and have convenient customer service.

One of the techniques used to achieve an overall great customer experience is through the utilisation of entertaining Explainer Videos.

You’re Not Engaging With Your Audience

Make sure your company is active in addressing the primary concerns of your customers or potential customers clearly and directly.

With the use of an online chat, reading and replying to customer reviews, listening on social media networks, and customer surveys, you are also helping your brand establish trust and the personalisation of customer experiences.

Providing a FAQs page and helpful descriptions in your copy throughout your website also is highly recommended and a standard.

How we can help

The reality is, that creating a Do-It-Yourself Website and Online Marketing Campaign can only achieve so much and be sustainable so far!

At Krystal Designs we understand the tools you’ll need to add to your site to help improve engagement, track potential customers, and ultimately, improve your website’s conversion rate. 

We’ve assembled a team of top-notch professionals focused on website CRO, and ultimately increasing your company’s site-driven revenue, book a FREE Discovery call today!

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