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10 Simple Ways to Get More Customers from YOUR Website

If you’re a traditional door-to-door salesperson, an internet vendor, or, more likely these days, a hybrid of the two, “Lead Generation” is part of your day-to-day goal to be able to run and grow your business.

The process of trying to get more customers with the utilisation of your company website and other tools which drive traffic to your website is called Lead Generation. 

One of its goals is to stay top-of-mind so that your leads (or contacts) will develop trust in your company or brand, and eventually become a paying customer for your product or service.

For instance, a lot of B2B (Business to Business) companies depend on gathering contact information from potential customers—also known as “lead generation”—because this enables them to market to a customer even after they have already made a purchase.

One of the reason is because most of their products are typically expensive, and the customers they target don’t always buy right away.

Whether online or face-to-face, the lead-generation process typically starts the same way:

Offer a free item or service that promises to help with their “problem” in exchange for something

This “something” is usually your potential customer’s information (email, phone number, etc.)

To stay relevant and at the top of their minds, strategically continue to send them information that is of value to them and educate them further about your company. This also helps build trust and for your customers to form a relationship with your company, product and service, or brand.

In the context of building leads with the use of your company website and online marketing, unfortunately, it’s not as simple as knocking on one door at a time, but knocking on multiple entry points until leads trickle, if not, pour in; and it takes a more strategic approach that just posting a “Click Here” button on your home page.

The design of your website, landing page, and thank-you pages must be well-crafted, and the Call-To-Action (CTA) must be enticing enough for your potential customers to become leads first, and that they are willing to go through the whole perceived reward process.

Here’s are 10 ways to generate leads on your website:

Audit your lead generators

Conduct an audit on where you generate the most online traffic and add forms to those pages in order to maximise their customer value and maintain or gain more momentum in gathering more information about your potential customers.

These are the usual areas where you get the most engagements:

Then, on these most-visited pages, add accessible long-form content that is of value to your visitors where you can also ask for their contact information.

Affiliate Marketing and Case Studies

Post referral or affiliate marketing and case studies on your website for your existing customers or to engage new potential leads. This is the equivalent concept for “word-of-mouth”.

Case Studies also help leads to be more comfortable with your brand.

Referral or Affiliate Marketing and case studies improve a brand credibility by using simple visuals, customer testimonials, signs and logos of other trusted brands which are affiliated to your company.

Curate and optimise process

Make sure to optimise each step of your lead generating process is well-curated and optimised. After all, you don’t want a prospective customer to have to race through a building looking for your office because you put up incorrect information in your building directory.

It’s similar to creating your Landing Pages. Make sure the first offer that they encounter and click on will be redirected to the related page showing the exact offer and service.

If your visitor searched or clicked on “Tips on How to Spot A Good Family Solicitors in the UK”, you better not link that blog post or offer for a criminal case solicitor.

Offering Free Downloads

Offering e-books for download on blog posts that are relevant to your visitors is a non-invasive or a soft-sell way to generate interest and interact with your business, and an easy way to get their information in exchange with content that is good and is of value to them.

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Personalise CTAs (Call To Action), Landing Pages, and Thank-You pages

Personalise your CTAs (Call To Action), Landing Pages, and Thank-You pages for more dynamic content that heightens your visitors’ pleasant experience by making them feel unique and “seen”.

Adjust your product options and graphics to reflect their preferences, previous purchases, and pages they have visited.

This can be as simple as a “welcome back” header or suggesting items for purchase that they might also like. This is the same technique that five-star hotel uses to make their guests feel valued.

Hotels usually print or evenhand-write welcome cards and amenities to their new or returning guests, and notes their food preferences to be already implemented on future stays.

It’s always nice to feel remembered and it’s why people stay with a brand for years, since it’s already a feeling of sense of belonging and routine.

Adding a Live Chat

Adding a Live Chat on your website will not only makes it more convenient, for your potential customers to reach you and feel valued, but when done well and efficiently with a strong CRM (Customer Relationship Management), it is one of the easier ways to gather the most information from your potential and existing clients.

You can also utilise the live chat to monitor which page of your website most guests are messaging from and optimise that page further.

Use an engaging Online Score Card

When visitors are entertained, they will spend more time on your website and chances are higher that they will be able to provide you with their demographic and psychographic information–which you can use as a further guide to customise their customer journey experience.
I mean, who hasn’t done at least one Buzzfeed quiz or any personality business test in their entire online existence!
You can personalise your offers by using creative Online Score Cards on your website to engage your visitors. In this way, when it’s time to receive their “free” results, they can only get it by giving you their emails.

Mobile-friendly website

Make your website mobile-friendly because people now spend 70% of their Internet time on mobile. Therefore, it is vital to build a responsive site for any device to generate leads, as well as increase your market share, for on-the-go users.

Check your site speed

Prioritise site and page speed in your company’s website design. It is essential when building a lead generation website because people just hate for pages to load.

You will struggle to generate leads if your website is slow and it will fail to attract new leads as people expect pages to load in a matter of three seconds and exit the page if it doesn’t.

It also reflects badly on the company’s quality and value.

Nurture your leads

Your leads are only as good as how you nurture them. As a company, your effort and attention make a difference when it comes to closing a deal.

Once they fill out a form on your landing page deliver them valuable content that matches their interest so they don’t forget about you.

This should start with “thank-you” emails and the Lead nurturing should start with relevant follow-up emails that include great content.

Quick Tip

Use CRM for your contact forms

We use Go High Level to nurture leads, we create an automated workflow for each form.

How we can help

As soon as a visitor lands on your website, you can start learning about their conversion path.

This path starts when a visitor visits your site and ends with them filling out a form and becoming a lead.

Krystal Designs is offering a limited free conversion path analysis for your website. We can help you know the story of your customers so that you are able to travel with them and guide them better towards a successful and beneficial journey for both of you. Contact us now for a FREE discovery call, only limited spots left!

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Let's review your business

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