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Avoid Website Launch Mistakes with This Essential 50-Point Checklist

Dive into Krystal Designs’ all-encompassing guide for launching your website, enriched with a free, downloadable template, to navigate every crucial step for a flawless launch.

The harsh truth? A staggering 90% of websites don’t reach their potential, as noted by Ahrefs. However, with Krystal Designs, your website is poised for success, not just a launch.

Our indispensable website launch guide, paired with an accessible template, is your toolkit to sidestep common pitfalls, grasp vital nuances, and lay a robust foundation for your business’s growth.

Delve into our comprehensive checklist, crafted in four pivotal segments:

Before we jump in, let’s set the stage:


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What Exactly is a Website Launch Checklist?

Think of a website launch checklist as a detailed roadmap, meticulously guiding web developers, designers, and project managers to ensure a website is polished both pre and post-launch. 

It’s equally vital for business owners overseeing their website launch or managing an outsourced web project.

Website Planning Checklist: The Foundation

Launching a website, whether from scratch or revamping an existing one, requires a well-thought-out plan. This phase is divided into several key areas:

  • Project Initiation: Define your business needs and align them with your website’s objectives.
  • Project Management: Establish tasks, timelines, and responsibilities.
  • Branding & Strategy: Keep your industry, audience, and brand identity in sharp focus.
  • Technical Specifications: Determine the nuts and bolts of your project, from choosing the right CMS to addressing hosting, security, and other technicalities.

Pre-Launch Preparations: The Crucial Steps

It is crucial to thoroughly review every part of your website prior to going live. Pre-launch items on our checklist include:

  • SEO Optimisation: Ensure your website is primed for search engine visibility.
  • Quality Assurance: Test and retest every element for flawless user experience.
  • Development Checks: Validate all backend functionalities, from code accuracy to responsive design.

Post-Launch Strategies: Beyond Going Live

Launching your website is just the start. Our post-launch checklist helps you:

  • Evaluate Project Success: Review the project’s completion against initial goals and timelines.
  • Track and Adjust: Monitor site performance and make necessary adjustments.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support: Keeping the Momentum

A website is a dynamic, ever-evolving thing, always keeping it fresh, relevant, and secure. Our checklist for maintenance highlights:

  • Regular SEO Reviews: Stay on top of your site’s search engine performance.
  • Security Updates: Regularly update security measures to safeguard your site.
  • UX Monitoring: Continuously assess and enhance the user experience.

Why is a Website Launch Checklist Non-Negotiable?

Your website is a pivotal factor in how your audience looks at your business. Skipping any phase of the planning, launch, or maintenance process can significantly impact your website’s effectiveness and, by extension, it’s your brand’s reputation.

Still wondering its importance? Consider this – 75% of users judge a company’s credibility based on its website design alone. A well-executed website not only boosts your digital presence but also plays a crucial role in converting visitors into customers.

How we can help

Using a comprehensive website launch checklist can be daunting. That’s where we step in. Our team, including dedicated digital strategists, ensures your website not only launches smoothly but also makes sure that you thrive.

From initial planning to post-launch adjustments, we handle it all, offering full-service solutions in web design, development, and branding.

Ready to launch your website with a team that treats your project as their own? Reach out to us at 07897 013 335 or book a FREE Discovery Call today!

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We transform your business, whether B2B or B2C, by creating an effective website that not only converts leads and increases awareness but also ensures you stand out in a competitive market, all achieved with minimal demands on your time for marketing.

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Let's review your business

Get Your Essential Guide To Creating A Successful Business Website

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