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How Much Should A Website Cost In 2024?

‘How much does a website cost’ is one of the most asked questions in every negotiation of an agency. Like everything in life, the definite answer is: “It all depends…”

  • It depends on the type of industry you are in…
  • It depends on the scope of business you are running…
  • It depends on your needs as the business owner…
  • And of course, but not the least–in fact, it’s the most important one–so I should’ve put it on the top: How much of your budget are you willing to allot (for this most foundational, fundamental, and essential detail in your entire business plan)?

While you are mentally discussing those things with yourself, let me try and just give you an accounting of the ballpark pricing of how much you should expect to pay for your handy-dandy business website no matter what budget you are in. Please note that prices are subject to change, and in some cases may be approximate:

The short answer is: You can expect to pay around £500 per year for a simple website, and up to £10,000 and beyond for a multiple-paged and complex website.

The five basic but essential things to build a simple and functioning website are:

ElementCost upfront
Domain name£1 - £30
Web hosting£10 - £500+
Content (words, photos, videos)£100 - £5,000+
SEO and marketing£200 - £5,000+ (per month)
SSL Certificate (Security)£0 - £145.78+ (per year)
Software£0 - £4,578.83+ (per month)
Design£50 - £10,000+
Extensions£0 - £116.63+ (per extension)

This is the overall approximate pricing list for a fully functioning website with all the trimmings depending on our business goals:

Business TypeWeb Design CostsAnnual Site Maintenance Costs
Small Business Website (Up to 16 Pages)£1,846.50 to £8,309.87Up to £1,107.43
Corporate Website (Up to 75 Pages)£9,233.12 to £2,316.23Up to £13,851.14
E-Commerce Website (Up to 1,000 Products)£4,616.85 to £50,787.73Up to £27,701.18
Website Application (Up to 2,000 Pages)£5,540.46 to £69,257.03Up to £55,405.86

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Now, let’s crack into each basic website element and why you need them regardless of your business type and goals:

Domain Name

Because your domain serves as your website’s Internet address, a domain name that matches your company name, will strengthen your brand identity and make the site seem more professional, is a must-have–no matter who hosts your site.

When purchasing a domain name there are options of:

  • Adding domain privacy and protection prevents your personal information from being listed in the public WHOIS database. This also helps prevent any threats or attacks on your website
  • You can also select how long you want your domain to be registered. If you don’t want to have to remember to renew your domain yearly, some registrars offer a discount for yearly or multi-year terms

Web Hosting

A website consists of various computer files and a web server is the place where all those files need to be stored, and depending on your business requirements, web hosting prices will vary as per the types of packages.

Web Content

It’s a good idea to plan what content you need for your website before you decide what kind of website you’ll be creating–these include words, photos, videos, graphics, and infographics. For a simpler website (and if you have the skills), you may be able to create all the content on every web page yourself, but for more complex websites, you may need to hire someone.


With hacking on the rise, an SSL certificate is a standard security technology that secures information between a visitor’s browser and your website. It ensures that sensitive information like passwords and payment information remains private.


There are two options of software types you can use depending on your business needs:

  1. Open-source: it’s free to download but you have to pay for the other costs (hosting, SSL certification, maintenance)
  2. Proprietary: you only have to pay a monthly fee for a fully-managed service but the prices vary greatly. However, if you want a low-maintenance option and want to concentrate on your business’s day-to-day, then this option will prove worthwhile.


Whether it’s your company’s corporate image, product, or lifestyle shots–these important elements can add up quickly. While there are free images online, these won’t make your business stand out. As much as possible, hire a graphic designer and photographer to help create a more credible and professional website for you–as this is your most important asset and first impression towards your potential customers.


The selection of extensions varies drastically from platform to platform, and you can download or purchase extensions to add functionality to your site (adding forms, live chat for a better customer management system (CRM), SEO optimisation, etc.).

These are things you may deem important for your business website to stay ahead of your competition. Pro Tip: To cut down on your costs, look for a platform and service provider with customisable and built-in functionalities so you don’t have to download a bunch of third-party software.

Here is a table to weigh your options, time, and skill set…

Build MethodBenefitsDrawbacks
Website builder tool• Affordable
• Not too difficult
Needs 20hrs+ of your time, and some confidence with technology.
Hire a freelancer or agency• Professional result
• Save time
• Install advanced features
Costly, and results depend on your ability to communicate well.
Code website from scratch • Exactly according to your spec
• Save money
Results are limited to your skill level and free time. You’re in charge of design, debugging, spam, security, updates, content, and indexing on Google.

How we can help

At Krystal Designs, we understand that you may have the time but not the expertise to create a website from scratch or even tend to all the little and technical details needed to maintain a drag-and-drop website maker, that is why we aim to be your middle-persons for creating an all-in-one great website and connect you towards your business success at a reasonable cost! Efficient and cost-effective delegation is key to being able to concentrate and be a great business leader.

Contact us today for a FREE limited-time discovery call. Let us help you reach your business goals through a beautiful website design!

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Let's review your business

Let's review your business

Get Your Essential Guide to Creating a Successful Business Website

Quickly sum up the value of your website by asking your web developer the right questions

Get Your Essential Guide To Creating A Successful Business Website

Quickly sum up the value of your website by asking your web developer the right questions.