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Fountain Solicitors Case Study

10 Years, 5 Years, and 2023: Fountain Solicitors' Remarkable Web Transformation with Krystal Designs - Read through our case study to find out more.

01 Problem

When Fountain Solicitors first crossed paths with Krystal Designs, they were a modest team operating from a small office with fewer than ten employees. Their initial goal was to establish a simple website with high SEO rankings in the Walsall area.

Krystal Designs delivered on this objective, leading to noticeable results in their online presence and local clients. Encouraged by this success, Fountain Solicitors set their sights on reaching larger markets.

02 Approach

To achieve their expansion goals, Fountain Solicitors ventured into various marketing strategies, including Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

These efforts yielded impressive results as their client base continued to grow steadily.

03 Our Solution

04 Outcome

Today, Fountain Solicitors boasts more than five prominent offices across the United Kingdom, a testament to their remarkable growth journey.

With the support and expertise of Krystal Designs, they continue to expand their presence, attract broader clients, and enjoy prominent success in the legal industry.


"Krystal Designs prepared our website 10 years ago, refreshed it 5 years ago and revamped it in 2023. On each occasion we at Fountain Solicitors have been impressed with their level of service, professionalism and high standard of work. Each time we have seen a huge increase in traffic to our website and in turn increase in clients and profits. Highly recommended!"

Ramzan Sharif

Managing Director

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